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Updated Feburary 2019

Thank you for visiting my WIX web site they have change access recently so im sure you had a bit harder time finding it. i will be building a new accessible site soon. These are my personal experiences with purchasing and owning a GTD40.

This site is not the GTD Supercars site but I encourage you to have a look at it.

NZ Time

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aston martin

GT40 My Story

My first exposure to the GT40 was in 1967 in the form of a scaleletrix slot car set with a GT40 body on a custom built chassis.

Years later I saw some English magazines with classic car advertisements with real GT40's for sale in the twenty to thirty thousand pound range

Still more time passed and the prices went out of my reach but another English magazine had an unfinished replica for sale. I had some family in England look at it and did a deal sent the money but the day before the money was handed over I got a call from the USA with a job offer so I called off the deal packed my stuff and left New Zealand for 10 months work in San Francisco.

When I got back to New Zealand I started looking at the replicas available in NZ the first a nice red GTD40 on consignment at an Auckland dealer. I looked the car over and the dealer was keen for us to take it out for a ride. Unfortunately as soon as I took over the wheel and headed off down the road the back opened up on me.

Other options at the time were a full monoquoc replica by Frank Wigg, the English GTD40 being imported by a gentleman in Albany ( I forget his name) and a kit being developed by Phill Weir.

An ex girl friend of mine acquired a Phill Weir body and chassis but the project was not far along with its development so that was eventually passed on to a new owner.

I then relocated again to the USA, Los Angeles this time.

Over the next few years I looked at several unfinished replicas and one completed car, a home built replica done in the 70's with the body mould taken off a real car while the owner was out of the country.

During 1999 I started to seriously research the various replicas available and the prices of finished cars on the market leading to the purchase of my GTD40.

It had been built in England and then sold to New Zealand. I had a friend look at it and after several months of research on how to import it into the USA finally purchased the car.

During 2001 a couple of new players have entered the GT40 replica market on the west coast, CAV in San Diego and Roaring 40's in Arizona. Both providing excellent quality cars substantially built off shore, 1 in South Africa the other in Australia. If I were to sell my car I would have a hard time deciding which of these to buy as a replacement.

But with the recent sale off several real GT40's below $500,000 even into the low $300,000's maybe I will be able to afford a real one soon.

I drive my car often and take it to Willow Spring and run with the Cobra club whenever I can, I drive it the 100 miles to and from the track.

Now its 2010 i still have my GTD40 so that makes ten years. During that time i have taken it out to Willow Springs race track every year or two and rented it to a TV show. Ford also made there own replica scaled up about 10% and made a bit more reliable with newer technology as a street car. i have driven one and will probably buy one at some point

Its now 2016 real GT40' are worth millions and the newer Ford GT are heading to $500,000 so i am unlikely to be getting one anytime soon.

2019 Ford has the third generation GT out and won Le Mans with it. Several other recreations of the original design are also on the market and these cars sell in the $150,000 to $200,00 range.

Imported from New Zealand

SOLD 2009 Aston Martin DBS 12500 miles 6 speed manual 1 owner (me)

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