Aston Marin DB9 Skid Plate

As a DB9 owner of about four years i am well aware of the low front end so shortly after buying my car i developed a skid plate or chin protector the part is made from 304 stainless steel goes from wheel to wheel and is attached with counter sunk screws in the factioy locations

There are two versions, a one piece that i sell in the Los Angeles area and a two piece that is able to be shipped. they look and function the same except for the barely visible join line on the two piece.

The parts are precision cut to match the shape of the nose and hand finished for an Aston Marin factory quality look

When only the best will do


Breaking news as of march 2012 the one piece is sold out and only one pair of the two piece remain at the price of $350 per pair

Here is the joint appearance on the two piece