Real Estate

Here you will find information about the properties i own and my Tenants. Please support small business and the tenants i have.

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2501 West Slauson

My first commercial property acquired 2002 I used this as my first personal workshop and home of the growing car collection. currently occupied by Main Electric specializing in batteries, Starters and Alternators. Ask for Fabio

1117 to 1131 W El Segundo

This commercial property I acquired 2007 as an active investment. Currently occupied by eight tenants. The Carb Clinic a general mechanic, Hobiez a BMW repair shop, Bustilos Auto Body, M1 a motorcycle repair shop, T Mobile cell tower, a small house and two Bill boards

2132 W Hyde Park Blvd

My largest single building at 16,000 sq ft acquired 2008. My current personal workshop. Also home to several photographers and Ink The West a small run custom T shirt printing business

12630 S Vermont

Two small businesses on the busy Vermont and El Segundo intersection. Luis Mufflers and Boulevard Tires Acquired as the up-leg of a 1031 exchange dec 2011

26 Hillside Road Glenfield Unit A and E

My most recent purchase located in New Zealand near the family home one has a new business and the other is well established Unit A acquired Jan 2020 unit E march 2017